What ever happened to the cute little kid 
that did the Jack In The Box Commercials?
Rodney Says Act Now - $20 Special for ONLY $10
Breaking Automotive News:

Rodney Allen Rippy accepts the 
title as Business To Business 
Development for OEM Audio Plus. 

Rodney Allen Rippy
Direct Phone: 424-888-9578
Email: rarippy@oemaudioplus.com

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commercial - 1972

commercial - 1973

Rodney says, "Jumbo 
Jack is still To Big To Eat"

Rodney and Fireball Tim 
from 5 minute drive frame

Rodney's interview with 
"KEEP IT PG13" Haily Helton

First AMA Awards (1974) 
With Donnie Osmond
Rise & Shine
This is "Rise_and_Shine" by KLCS on Vimeo, the 
home for high quality videos and the people who 
love them. Watch now

Executive Producer - Rodney Allen Rippy
Director - Marcus Glen Flye

Radio listeners, please read a personal letter from Rodney below, that will explain exactly what's happening in this talented young actors life. 
Dear Listeners and Advertisers! First I would like to begin by saying thank you all who tuned in and supported my show.

You made one of my dreams a reality!  I always wanted to try my hand as a radio talk show host and I have to admit, it was nothing short of a blast!.
I had a wonderful time and thank you all who participated as guest on my show. To my production staff, YOU ROCK and its Onward and Upward!  I regret 
to say that the Rodney Allen Rippy Show will not be returning at itsregularly scheduled time. Do not fret, there is a silver lining!
Due to overwhelming requests from guest and other important interests from the entertainment industry, there is a move in progress to take The Rodney 
Allen Rippy Show to television.  STAY TUNED...
Best Wishes,
Rodney Allen Rippy
The Rodney Allen Rippy Show

A special thanks to my old friend
Bob Vickers for all his help with the 
radio show and advertising support.
Former Child Actor

Rodney Allen Rippy is a former American child actor.  He appeared in TV 
commercials for the fast-food chain Jack in the Box in the early 1970s, 
as well as in numerous roles in television and movies.  Wikipedia

Born: July 29, 1968, Long Beach, CA
Education: California State University, Dominguez Hills
Bachelor of Science Degree - Business Administration and Marketing 

Rodney's Personal OEM Audio + Page ...VIOS Nutrition
Rodney & Friends
Rodney's Bio
Rodney's Photo Gallery
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