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Two new Consumer Reports surveys suggest that difficulty paying for health care—including prescription drugs and other medical bills
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Cutting back to pay for medication:
More than half of people in the survey who took at least one prescription drug said that to pay for their medication they had to reduce 
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This is according to a new Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs national survey of adults who take prescription medications.

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First AMA Awards (1974) With Donnie Osmond

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Rodney says, "Jumbo Jack is still To Big To Eat"

Radio listeners, please read a personal letter from Rodney below, that will explain exactly what's happening in this talented young actors life.  Dear Listeners and Advertisers! First I would like to begin by saying thank you all who tuned in and supported my show.

You made one of my dreams a reality!  I always wanted to try my hand as a radio talk show host and I have to admit, it was nothing short of a blast!.I had a wonderful 
time and thank you all who participated as guest on my show. To my production staff, YOU ROCK and its Onward and Upward!  I regret to say that the Rodney Allen 
Rippy Show will not be returning at itsregularly scheduled time. Do not fret, there is a silver lining!
Due to overwhelming requests from guest and other important interests from the entertainment industry, there is a move in progress to take The Rodney Allen Rippy Show 
to television.  STAY TUNED...
Best Wishes,
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